The Beginning

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I've been taking photographs as long as I can remember and longer.  According to my mom, I had a 110 film camera in my hands at age 2 and had no clue what I was doing but was fascinated.  Long before my first DSLR Canon camera I had used disposable film cameras, 35mm film cameras, 110's, point and click cameras, the always fun Sony Mavica with the 3.5" floppy and the mini DVD version. 

When my oldest was in middle school my parents gifted me a Canon XLS DSLR with 2 kit lenses and I was in heaven.  That, is where things started to get real.  I started moving closer to the field, closer to the court, down on the ground next to the players bench.  I was taking my kids school photos for Christmas cards, taking our family photos, taking others family photos.  And by the time my oldest daughter was in high school I was the team mom/photographer.  

One of the high schools she went to (we moved a few times) was a lower income area.  The kids on her wrestling team didn't have parents attending meets and always wanted to see the photos I got of them on the mat.  I began to realize that the seniors would also likely not have photos taken and miss that time in their life to get a grown up photo taken to look back at later.  I offered to take them at no charge and give them a flash drive with the pictures so they could have them.  My oldest also got into photography and before I knew it, she surpassed me in skill with portrait work. 

Now, both girls would be extremely upset if they saw the photos I posted here.  But this is a great example of what I was taking and note that I thought they were pretty amazing photos.  They are, pretty amazing photos of my girls.  But that is because they are my girls, my friends, my life.  And we spent a lot of time together going through life and all it's struggles.  Our bond is a bond I would not trade for anything.  Despite the issues in these photos, I love them.  From a professional photographer perspective, they have A LOT of problems.  

Photography to me is not about becoming the best.  It's not about producing the money shot.  It's not about being better than everyone else that takes the same type of photos.  It's about capturing a moment for yourself or someone else and sharing it with them to always have and look back on.  I think, never say never...but I really don't see photography being my sole income or my career.  I think it would stop being fun at that point.  It's a hobby and I've improved many aspects of the art over the years.  I've found areas that I love to photograph and that I really dislike.  

This is the beginning of my story.  More to come, more to experience and more to share.  I can't wait. Please join me in this journey, comment if you want.  Find me on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube.  I'm there.  Come join me and be part of the journey.  

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