All About Me - Shoot For Beauty Photography

About the Photographer

Photography started out as something fun I did as a kid.  When I became a parent it was a fun way for me to capture my children's lives and have those memories forever.  As my children grew into young adults I began to take on a different love for photography.  It's been a hobby all this time.  I love the ability to capture beauty in everything.  The outdoors, macro, families and pets, children and sports.  I don't go anywhere without my camera.  

There is always more to learn and a desire to improve on things I already do well.  Now I want to share my abilities and love for capturing those moments with others.  Shoot for Beauty Photography was my way of saying "I can capture that moment, and all the beauty it has for anyone that wants to see it."  Portraits, Senior photos, Engagements, Weddings, Pets, Family events and local area events, including sports.  I love it all.  

I work a full time job and have my family that include my loving and supportive husband, 2 daughters, 2 dogs and 3 cats.  I am active in Kim's Academy Tae Kwondo and photography is what I do with my spare time and sometimes its combined with work and Tae Kwondo.  

I currently do not have an in home or office studio.  So all the shoots I do for others unless in an indoor setting for the event, are outdoors. 

** NOTE**

I am an active member and the Program Vice President of the Wichita Area Camera Club.  From time to time we do club shoots or I involve some of the members in a big event that I may be photographing to get some additional photos at different angles and locations.  I will list the photographers involved in the shoot on my galleries if there others involved in putting the images together.  I believe that as an organization when we work together we are able to provide a greater service to our community and also learn from each other during the shoot and during the post process. 

The Photographer